vegaLASH Wants to Do for Natural Lashes What Other Lash Serums Have Failed to Do

Courtesy of vegaLASH

Thicker, fuller, more beautiful natural lashes in as few as 15 days? Yes please! What you need to know about this lash serum.

Who doesn't want longer, younger looking lashes? vegaLASH is the smartest choice to make your eyelashes bold and beautiful using breakthrough ingredients to activate the your eyelash follicles so they naturally appear thicker, soft and natural like Royal Kate Middleton, or sexy and sultry like Kim Kardashian. vegaLASH is formulated with a patent-pending combination of vegan ingredients that are safe, effective and will make your lashes look WOW!

Sure, there are plenty of artificial ways to temporarily mask thin, frail eyelashes and slightly improve their look, but eventually the mask comes off. Some mascara and false eyelashes (falsies) have been know to have harmful, toxic chemicals which often make your real lashes weaker, thinner and may even rip out your natural lashes (cough, falsie glue, cough!).

It may sound simple, but what if you just had amazingly lush beautiful natural lashes to begin with as a sort of amazing lash base? That's exactly what vegaLASH volumizing serum promises. I used vegaLASH twice a day for best results, (as they suggest). I recommend applying it in the morning during your skincare routine and at night after removing your makeup. Having a clean face and open pores at application makes a difference so an oil-free cleanser will also help maximize results. After application on your lash line (where your eyelashes meet your eyelid) just give the serum a few moments to absorb. That's it! I only wanted to focus on my upper lashes but you can also use it on your lower lash lines too. Now I've got a fabulous lash base! Since vegaLASH absorbs into the roots of my lashes I still do my daily makeup routine right afterward. I still love and use my mascara throughout the day but now it looks like I'm wearing falsies after a couple of coats! Whatever your daily makeup routine is, it doesn't have to change at all either!

After using vegaLASH for a few weeks now, I can definitely say there are a lot of positives about it. As someone who has sensitive eyes, the best (aside from it working) and most immediately noticeable part of using vegaLASH was that it didn't sting my eyes at all. Other serums have been harsh. In addition to being easy on the eyes I also loved that they're a vegan formula and animal cruelty free. That's very important, not just for my personal lifestyle, but also because it's hormone-free, unlike some other lash serums that use ingredients that are known or suspected hormones and carcinogens. There's also the convenience factor. vegaLASH was delivered to my mailbox in a timely manner after ordering it online. To even try other serums I've had to see my doctor to get them prescribed and then get the prescription filled. That means cost is also an issue. At full price vegaLASH is already less expensive than any other brand lash serum I'm aware of. All in all, I'd say the worst part of vegaLASH, which is true of any lash serum, is that you have to apply it regularly and wait. I'm not a fan of waiting but no serum is an instant solution. However, I did start to see results in my second week of use and love my overall results!

So what's the secret of vegaLASH? It's no secret at all and it actually makes lots of sense. According to vegaLASH, "The best way to make your eyelashes bold and beautiful is to activate your eyelash follicles. vegaLASH is formulated with a patent-pending combination of bio-active phytomolecules that improve the maturation and vitality of your natural lashes by opening up the communication channels between your dermal papilla and your lash follicles. The better your cells are able to communicate with each other, the better they can do their jobs to make your lashes longer, thicker and fuller, faster!"

vegaLASH is definitely now here to stay as part of my daily makeup routine. After using it for a bit over a month now, I'm just applying it once a day (during my skincare routine) to maintain my results. As with any serum you've got to keep applying it to maintain your results. I didn't think it was possible but I'm really happy that there's now a vegan and natural solution for all types of lash problems (short stubby lashes were my old personal shame). And even happier that I found it! Now I've got long, curly, flattering lashes that I'm happy to show off and be confident about! If vegaLASH isn't LashSpirational, I don't know what is.